Monday, June 12, 2017

Insider Tips for Dining with Us!

We are so honored that after almost 25 years of business, we are still a favorite local spot to dine!  For those who are checking us out for the very first time, we wanted to share a few quick tips and tricks to make your dining experience the BEST in town!

1. NoWait for no wait! Our weekends can get busy, busy, busy!  To make the most of your trip to La Jolla, download the NoWait app (click here) and add your name to our waitlist.  We will text you when your table is ready so you can walk around town and enjoy our neighborhood!  
Please note: we only utilize the NoWait app on Saturdays and Sundays.

2. Can't make it for breakfast?  Join us for Dinner!  We are now open for Dinner Tuesday - Saturday evenings with a brand new, refreshed dinner menu!  While we don't accept reservations for Brunch, we DO accept them for dinner!  Give us a call ahead of time and reserve your seat!  Check out the dinner menu here!

3. Join our E-Club!  If you love The Cottage, consider joining our e-club!  We send occasional updates (and special offers!) exclusively to the guests in our e-club.  We promise we do not over-send and spam your inbox ;)  Sign up online at the bottom of our website, or inquire with your server on your next visit!

Any questions prior to your next visit?  Don't hesitate to give us a call, anytime!


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